Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 16

Before I get into the roller coaster that is Elijah's recovery, I want to talk about Noah. Last night Noah "graduated" from preschool. I know that graduating from preschool is not a huge accomplishment. I know that the huge ceremony that we attended was overkill. But I also know that it came just in time for Noah. I know that Noah needed a moment to shine. He needed a moment when all of his parents' attention was on him and him only. He needed to be our sole focus, if even just for an hour. He needed to know that he was still a priority to his parents during all of the chaos around him.  Noah had to recite a poem, using a mic, during the ceremony. I am so very proud of the little boy Noah has become. A huge thanks to our friends and family who covered for us at the hospital in order to allow Noah to have his moment.

Now onto the not to fun stuff. Yesterday things were looking up for our little guy. His right lung looked the best it had looked in a long time and he was breathing easy. There was even a little talk of being able to pull his remaining tube in the next couple of days. However, today looked very different. This morning's x-ray showed fluid in his right lung and an effusion in his left. To top this off, his remaining chest tube had clogged again. A surgeon came in and she was able to unclog the tube, but not much came out. At this point, they think that the effusion is in a pocket of the lung that the current chest tube can't access. It looks like the current tube has done it's job. However, that still leaves the effusion in place. The plan at this point is to increase his diuretics and watch and see. It is possible that they will be able to "dry" him out enough to take care of the extra fluid. However, his sats have not improved today and he is panting instead of breathing. All of this points to extra fluid on his lungs. He has not wanted to eat and he has been miserable.

Please pray that the diuretics will do their job and dry out his lungs. He needs a break. And pray for his spirit. He is so sad.

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  1. This is my third attempt at commenting, so if you see this three times you will know why. Noah looks so proud and happy. Glad the three of you had some time together, outside of the hospital. Prayers for Elijah and the not so fun rollercoaster ride he and the family are on. Love you all!.