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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 14- Chest Tube Drama

And the chest tube issues continue. The good news is that his output was down from 380cc the previous day to 310cc today. The bad news is that this morning the doctors discovered that Elijah's right chest tube had moved even more and that there was now an air bubble outside of his lung. This meant that the tube had to be pulled right away. His output from that tube was 120cc during the previous 24 hours. They don't like to pull out the tubes until the output is closer to 50cc, although they will pull them at 100cc. Elijah was so close that they decided to postpone placing another chest tube, and they increased his diuretics. They are hoping that his body will eliminate the extra fluid that is currently in his right lung.

To put Elijah through another chest tube would be horrible. The tube would have to go in a different place. His poor chest is so full of stitches and scars.

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