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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 19

Yesterday was a good day. Elijah's chest tubes slowed down. The doctors reported that his x-ray looked a lot better and it looks as though the effusion in his left lung is gone. They believe that this is what explains the increased output from yesterday. The effusion finally drained and therefore the numbers went up. They decided to adjust his diuretics and start the weaning process. This makes me very, very nervous. The last time they decreased his diuretics, although only by a little bit, his lungs did not respond well and he ended up with the effusion and fluid on his right lung. I am praying that his body is ready this time and can handle the changes in medications. Ultimately, the chest tube won't come out and we can't go home until he can be weaned.

During surgical rounds they decided to change his chest tube "suction". Instead of pulling the fluid from his lung, it is now set up to passively allow fluid to flow into the chambers. They told us that sometimes the pulling action of the chest tube will actually encourage drainage. Hopefully, Elijah's lungs will respond well and they will be able to handle the fluid on their own, without the chest tube. I will update later today on the x-ray and the progress of the output.

On another note, please keep Noah in your thoughts and prayers. He has been such a trooper with all of this but it is really beginning to get to him. Last night he had a melt down at 2am crying that he had a nightmare. He misses his brother. They have slept in the same room for years and Noah is having a hard time without him.

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