Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cardio Update

First let me say that Elijah is doing really, really well. Dr. Sklansky is watching him very closely but so far so good. He went for another cardio work up on Friday. His lungs continue to look clear even after going back to a full fat diet and weaning the Sildenafil. He has been getting bi-weekly xrays along with blood tests to measure his INR levels. He is on Warfarin, a very strong blood thinner, that must be monitored regularly. The plan at this point is to slowly continue to wean the medications over the next 6 months. He is still on three very potent diuretics. As of Friday, we are very, very slowing starting to wean one. Elijah has lost a substantial amount of weight and now wears 12-18 month clothing. We are trying to fatten him up and we continue to try to get him stronger.

As for his spirit, he has returned to the happy (and sometimes very demanding) three year old that we all know. Noah is much happier now that he has his brother back.  The two of them are the best of friends and he worst of enemies all at the same time. But no matter what, they want to be together.

I returned to work two weeks ago and Elijah went back to preschool. Noah attended a few days with him. Elijah is struggling with the transition to going to school without Noah. Noah will start kinder on Tuesday. Dion and I spent a large part of yesterday getting all of his school supplies and purchasing uniform shirts. I can't believe that my baby is going to "real" school. He is no longer a baby. I am so proud of him and at the same time, I would like time to stand still. It is moving way to fast. All of that to say, I am so very grateful to be here, in this moment, with my little family in tact. And not just in tact, but happy and thriving.

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  1. Brings tears to my eyes! Children are the best timekeepers of our lives. Love you all very much!